A Fasting Testimony

A word from Janet Ottersberg on her experience incorporating the metabolic approach into her own life.

My keto lifestyle journey has taught me persistence, bio-individuality, and the importance of having support on the journey. – Janet Ottersberg

I have been doing keto for many years now and have always struggled with getting into higher levels of ketosis. That led me to believe that keto was just not right for me but I continued to do it because I know all the benefits. I also know that my genetic makeup requires that I really work to prevent a metabolic disaster. When I got the results of my Nutrition Genome, it verified for me, “AHA! I am right! Keto is not right for me. I will never see the numbers I want. I will never get to my desired weight on or off keto.” I was definitely looking for an excuse to not continue to overcome the challenges. I have a strong belief built up around my body and the weight it wants to hold onto. On the other hand, I love the keto lifestyle and believe very strongly in the impact it has on health and well being. Despite all of this knowledge, I still had a voice in my head telling me, “but not for me.” I continued on my keto journey trying new variations of keto, products and different types of fasting. Still, I was not getting the numbers that I wanted to get. I coach other people on how to do the ketogenic diet every day. WHY CAN I NOT GET THE NUMBERS I WANT? This was becoming a real mind boggle for me, but I was not willing to give up. I believe in the science and I have seen the benefits. As they say, ”and yet she persists.“

One of the things that I decided I needed to implement more into my keto lifestyle is fasting. I had been doing intermittent fasting but was not doing longer fasting. So I started to add in longer fasts. I started with a 24 hour fast and then added in a 3 day fast. It was initially very frustrating doing these fasts with my brother and sister-in-law. I would see her ketones go up immediately and my numbers looked like I had been feasting the last 3 days. I went back to it again and again and noticed that my ketones were starting to get higher and my glucose lower. Movement was finally happening when I started to really focus on my individual needs and eat, exercise and sleep according to my genetic make-up. For all of us, this is key. If you are used to following a diet plan from Good Housekeeping magazine (does anybody remember that one?) that is a one size fits all approach, you are doing yourself a disservice.

I am very fortunate to be spending a few weeks with my family, and we committed to start the new year with a 5 day fast. It had been years since I had done a 5 day fast and I was a bit nervous. I know that whenever I fast with the support of people around me, it is so much easier. We started on a Monday setting intention for this fast and for the New Year. We checked in with each other often and provided encouragement and strength for each other. We tested our ketones and glucose. In the first few days, I was in that same discouraging place, as my ketones were 0.9 at day 3 and my glucose was 89. I wanted to give up but felt so good and strong in the process that I told myself this is not about numbers and that kept me going. By the last day, I decided I was ready to look at the numbers again reminding myself it doesn’t matter and that this is just for curiosity. Finally I had struck gold! For the first time ever, my ketones were 2.6 and my glucose 64. I wanted to cry. I was finally seeing the results of years of being persistent to this keto lifestyle. Not only were my numbers great, but I felt amazing and I could tell when I put on my favorite bathing suit that my body had changed dramatically. When reflecting back on the impact of this fast, I realized that my statement that I say to all my clients about everybody being different and responding differently, is so true and applies to me as well. I also realized that the support of people doing this process with you is key! 

I recommend that if you don’t have somebody in your life to share this journey with, reach out to your Metabolic Terrain Community and find a buddy to support you.


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Terrain Advocate Program

The metabolic approach to cancer is a different approach that we believe will change the standard to cancer care and prevention.

With more people empowered with an understanding of the metabolic approach and how to follow it for themselves, loved ones and others, we can change the view of cancer to that of a manageable disease.

For this, we need your help.

Since January 2020, I have been formally training practitioners on the metabolic approach, but the graduates need advocates as patient role models, volunteers, or team members that can help other patients stay on track with their own deeply personalized program.

This terrain advocate program is for individuals with cancer, nutritionists and dietitians, health coaches, motivators and problem solvers, and passionate advocates for change.

If this is you, join the movement.

Become a terrain patient advocate.

Registration NOW OPEN >

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Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health Livestream Event

Dec. 16th @ 4PM PT / 5PM MT / 6PM CT / 7PM ETREGISTER TO ATTEND >>

Click the link below to register to attend our not to be missed livestream event that will answer all your questions in regards to the Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health. During this livestream you will hear the latest from our team directly as well as get a chance to participate in a silent auction and raffle online to win some great products.

Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health Live Event


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Merger Announcement

Announcement – August 30th, 2021. Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health, Inc. joins forces with My Health Journey, Inc., to form an Arizona-based 501c3 organization with a vision to change the standard to cancer care and prevention. The renaming of My Health Journey, Inc. and subsequent relocation to Arizona brings together founders Dr. Nasha Winters, Cindy Kennedy, Deb Lee, and Steve Ottersberg in the state that is the future home of an innovative and integrative non-profit oncology hospital and research institute.

The mission of the Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health is to implement the metabolic approach to cancer by treating the root cause and symptoms of each person’s unique cancer process.  The organization provides funding to cancer patients, education to the community and is building a nonprofit integrative research hospital.

The focus of cancer treatment has been based on the genetic theories of cancer. Yet genetic cancers are less than ten percent of all cancers.  Ninety percent of cancers are caused by metabolic and mitochondrial dysfunction.  As the rates of cancer continue to increase an approach that focuses on the root cause of the cancering process is required.  By focusing on the patient and their metabolic health, we are putting the patient at the center of their cancer journey, not the tumor.

Dr. Nasha Winters, ND has been envisioning a hospital where practitioners from all schools of medicine come together to provide individualized metabolic cancer care.  Her quest to save her own life from a terminal diagnosis of ovarian cancer thirty years ago has transformed into a mission to support others on a similar journey. “Patients are seeking an integrative approach that brings together the best practitioners from Naturopathic, Western and Functional medicine.  Focusing on the patient and not the tumor.  The formation of our organization will truly change the standard of care.” says Dr. Nasha Winters.  Cindy Kennedy, Founder of My Health Journey and now a co-founder of MTI said “Cancer has affected all of us and it’s time for a change.  If we don’t change the approach, we will never change the outcomes and this approach is the change this world needs.”  

The Institute of Health will bring together the rigors of a research-based oncology hospital with the wisdom of ancient practices and therapies offered more commonly outside of the USA. “We’ve all had a wake-up call regarding the influence of our environment, treatment, and lifestyle choices on health and healing.” says co-founder Deb Lee. “The nourishing environment and comprehensive amenities designed for the campus will set a new standard for demonstrating a way of living that leads to healing and prevention of disease.”

About MTI Group

Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health is part of a group of Metabolic Terrain Companies including Metabolic Terrain Omics, and Dr. Nasha Inc. The group of companies shares a vision to change the standard to cancer care and prevention with community building, education, technology, research, and an integrative non-profit cancer research hospital.  

For further information contact:

Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health

Email: [email protected]

(1) American Cancer Society “Lifetime Probability of Developing or Dying from Cancer,” Rev. Jan 13, 2020

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Dr. Nasha Winters Announces New Practitioner Graduates

August 3rd, 2021. Dr. Nasha is proud to announce the graduation of ten practitioners from the Metabolic Approach to Cancer Physician Mastermind, a Terrain based oncology course.  The additional ten practitioners bring the total of Terrain Based Treatment™ Certified Practitioners to twenty-three with another thirty graduating soon.

The Metabolic Approach to Cancer Physician Mastermind program is a response to the rapidly growing demand of patients seeking individualized medicine based on testing, assessing, addressing, and never guessing on the next step towards healing.  Terrain Based Treatment™ Certified Practitioners have acquired a unique ability to leverage deep individual insight to guide patients on their journey considering every tool in the toolbox to address the physical effects (or side effects), as well as emotional, mental, social, environmental, and spiritual needs.

“I am honored to work with so many talented and inspiring practitioners and oncologists who truly care about changing their patients’ cancer journey” said Dr. Nasha Winters, CEO of Dr. Nasha Inc.

In early 2020 at the beginning of COVID, Dr. Nasha Winters turned her focus from oncology consults with a doctor on behalf of a patient, to certifying other practitioners on the metabolic approach and methodology known as: Test, Assess, Address™ to guide treatment decisions based on a patient’s terrain. This practitioner course was the first training program launched and has since been complemented by the July 2021 launch of the Terrain Advocate Program, moving the companies forward to achieving their mission. Select graduates of both programs are invited to the Metabolic Terrain Network enabling further collaboration with alumni and access to programs, research, and technology.

Additional Details
Check out the Current listing of Terrain Based Treatment™ Certified Practitioners. For More information about the Metabolic Approach to Cancer Physician Mastermind Program and how to register for the next cohort click here. To learn about the new Terrain Advocate Program and join the wait list for the 2022 program, click here.

About Dr. Nasha Inc & Metabolic Terrain Group
Dr. Nasha Winters’ book The Metabolic Approach to Cancer  has sold over 62,000 copies, published in six languages worldwide and continues to be a best-seller and the ultimate cancer guide to many patients looking for a different approach.

Dr. Nasha Inc. is part of the Metabolic Terrain Group (MT Group) of companies.  MT Group includes Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health, Metabolic Terrain Omics,  and Dr. Nasha Inc. The MT Group of companies are on a mission to change the standard TO cancer care and prevention with technology, research and an integrative non-profit cancer research hospital.

For further information contact:

Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health
Email: [email protected]

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