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Share your Metabolic Approach to Cancer testimonial

Have you embraced Dr. Nasha Winters’ Metabolic Approach to Cancer? Would you like others to know more about this transformational approach to health and healing? If so, we would love to hear from you. 

Your testimonial can illuminate the path for many, providing hope and showcasing the potential and power of personalized, metabolic healthcare, and we would be so grateful to have your help in these efforts.

If you are willing to share your experiences, please submit your written story through this brief, secure form: For those who wish to provide a video testimonial, or who may be interested in contributing to a case study, this form also allows you to express those interests. 

Thank you for being a part of our community and for considering this request. We are so grateful for your support!

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Revitalize Your Terrain: Unleashing the Power of Detoxification

As Halloween fades into the distance and the holiday season approaches, our exposure to toxins is on the rise. Whether lurking in the food we consume or present in the air we breathe, toxins seem to be omnipresent.

Through our process of testing, we always find our patients grappling with off-the-charts toxic exposure. Lead, mercury, mold, glyphosate, gasoline, Diethylphthalates (commonly found in health and beauty products), PUFA’s (abundant in plastics), Acrylamide, herbicides—the list goes on. The human body, much like the planet itself, is buckling under the weight of a century’s worth of toxic onslaught.

Toxins, these insidious substances, wreak havoc on our bodies, disrupting normal cellular functions. They seep in from all angles—environmental pollutants, processed foods, pesticides, household products, and even stress.

Accumulating in our bodies, toxins become the architects of inflammation, oxidative stress, and DNA damage. The consequences? Increased risks of cancer and various diseases that threaten our well-being.

Enter detoxification, the body’s innate process of purging these harmful intruders. The liver, our natural detox maestro, works tirelessly, aided by the mechanisms of urination, defecation, and perspiration. Yet, with our modern lives bombarding us with toxins, our bodies sometimes struggle to keep up or face breakdowns. Stubborn toxins add to the challenge, often resisting eviction.

biotoxin binder

Here’s where binders, specifically CellCore Binders, step into the spotlight. Crafted with precision, these binders are designed to zero in on toxins at the cellular level, ushering them out safely. From heavy metals to environmental pollutants, CellCore binders are tailored to combat a spectrum of toxins, orchestrating a comprehensive detoxification experience.

CellCore Binders: Masters of Gentle Detoxification

Gentle and effective, these binders avoid the discomfort associated with more aggressive detox methods. They navigate the body’s pathways, releasing toxins without unnecessary stress or pain. Supporting gut health, they work to expel harmful substances, fostering improved digestion and overall well-being. Simultaneously, they lighten the load on the immune system, allowing it to focus on fending off pathogens and maintaining balance.

Embarking on a detoxification journey with CellCore binders is a part of healing your terrain. By honing in on toxins at the cellular level, these binders offer a gentle yet powerful approach to detoxification. 

As always, consulting healthcare professionals before initiating any detox program ensures alignment with individual health needs and goals. 

Join us throughout this #NourishNovember as we focus on making mindful and healthier choices each day. Explore daily product highlights, specifically chosen to enhance your well-being on the Dr. Nasha Approved Instagram page! And, if you use the code Nourish15, you’ll receive 15% off of all your purchases from the Dr. Nasha Approved store throughout the month of November!


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Dr. Nasha Winters on a floral background promoting the Dragonfly Live Event in Boulder, Colorado, Nov. 16-19. Website:

Join Dr. Nasha at Dragonfly Live health and wellness conference

Dr. Nasha Winters on a floral background promoting the Dragonfly Live Event in Boulder, Colorado, Nov. 16-19. Website:

The call for women to unite is stronger than ever, and the moment has arrived. Join Dr. Nasha and 60 thought leaders at the forefront of the health revolution during Dragonfly LIVE in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, Nov. 16-19, 2023.

Don’t Miss It! 

Dragonfly LIVE transcends the ordinary conference; it’s a mindful, immersive, and transformative experience tailored exclusively for women.. 

Join Dr. Nasha’s Inner Circle

We don’t just want you to attend; we want you to become an integral part of Dr. Nasha’s inner circle!

Exclusive Benefits

By joining Dr. Nasha’s inner circle, you will enjoy the following exclusive benefits:

  • ✨Entry to win a VIP backstage pass
  • $500 off your conference pass 
  • ✨Premium add-ons for inner circle guests
  • ✨Exclusive Katie Wells Conversation Stage live-stream option 

CLICK HERE to receive an instant $500 discount code in your inbox and be notified of special promos and live stream options.

More About Dragonfly LIVE
  • Experience an intimate journey with 60 industry trailblazers as they unveil groundbreaking research and fresh insights in the realm of health and wellness for the new Dragonfly Health channel on Gaia TV. 
  • Live Recording of Dragonfly enLightening Talks for Gaia TV: Challenge the status quo with short-format talks by esteemed authors, scientists, and experts. I’ll be taking the stage!
  • Conversation Stage with Wellness Mama, Katie Wells: Join Katie for a live recording of an exclusive Wellness Mama conversation series, shining a spotlight on female health leaders.
  • Interactive Exhibit Hall: Explore meticulously curated product demos from leading brands in health and wellness and experience the future of health first-hand.
  • Pre-Conference Mastermind Retreat: 2 days of deep-dive workshops and shared experiences with Dragonfly LIVE speakers and VIP guests (4-day Gold Pass required). 

CLICK HERE to join the inner circle and win a chance to meet Dr. Nasha backstage. 

See You There!

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silhouette of a witch in white on a blue background. Text in white that says Switch Witch is On Her Way. Happy Halloween.

Creating Healthier “Sugar Season” Traditions with the Switch Witch!

silhouette of a witch in white on a blue background. Text in white that says Switch Witch is On Her Way. Happy Halloween.October kicks off what we like to call the dreaded “sugar season” (Halloween through Easter). As children amass bags full of candy and other sweets this holiday season, many parents find themselves torn between letting their kids indulge and worrying about sugar overload. Enter the “Switch Witch” (or the “Candy Fairy”) who offers a sweet solution for families.
Who is the Switch Witch/Candy Fairy?
Much like the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus, the Switch Witch/Candy Fairy is a mystical figure that visits homes on Halloween night — or any time that large amounts of sugary sweets are accumulated! Children can choose to leave out some or all of their candy for the Switch Witch/Candy Fairy, and by morning, the candy has magically been replaced with a non-food gift like a toy, book, or craft set.
Why Welcome the Switch Witch/Candy Fairy Into Your Home?
  1. Promote Healthier Choices: Reducing sugar intake can lead to healthier children and happier parents.
  2. Accommodate Food Allergies: The Switch Witch/Candy Fairy ensures children with allergies don’t feel left out. They can trade in their allergenic treats for safe and fun gifts.
  3. Teach Moderation: It’s an opportunity for kids to learn about making choices and finding balance.
  4. Protect Those Pearly Whites: Limiting candy can reduce the risk of cavities and other dental issues.
  5. Add Magic to the Celebration: Just as children eagerly await the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus, they can look forward to a visit from the Switch Witch/Candy Fairy.
Tips for Switch Witch/Candy Fairy Success
  • Involve Your Kids: Discuss the tradition with your kids before Halloween. Let them decide how much candy they’d like to trade.
  • Plan the Gift: Think about what your child would appreciate. Maybe it’s a new book, a small toy, or art supplies.
  • Share the Story: There are several books and stories available about the Switch Witch. Consider reading one to set the stage.
  • Celebrate Creativity: If your child is reluctant about giving up their candy, suggest they write a note or draw a picture for the Switch Witch/Candy Fairy. Engaging their imagination might make the trade more appealing.
In Conclusion
Whether you’re concerned about sugar consumption, dealing with food allergies, or simply looking to introduce  fun new traditions into this “Sugar Season”, the Switch Witch/Candy Fairy might be the perfect addition to your celebrations. It’s a sweet way to keep the magic alive while promoting healthier choices all season long!
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Metabolic Flexibility Conference promo image, featuring four speakers who will be at the conference, including Dr. Nasha Winters

Join Dr. Nasha in London for “Metabolic Flexibility: Integrative Oncology in Action”

Metabolic Flexibility Conference promo image, featuring four speakers who will be at the conference, including Dr. Nasha Winters

Join Dr. Nasha, and hundreds of other healthcare professionals, in London on Sept. 23 for “Metabolic Flexibility: Integrative Oncology in Action.” And, if you use the code NASHA15 you can receive a 15% discount off of your registration!

Cancer shows a high degree of metabolic flexibility, reacting to cues and stresses in their microenvironment. In simplistic terms, cancer cells have an innate ability to switch between utilizing sugar or fat as a fuel source – enabling them to be metabolically flexible.

During the conference, you will learn the latest research and knowledge about potential strategies you can use in your practice, understanding metabolic dependencies as a therapeutic approach to cancer care.

The event will take place in person on Sept. 23, at 09:30 a.m. BST, at Cavendish Conference Centre in London, but it will also be live-streamed, and you can use the code NASHA15 to receive a 15% discount off of tickets for in person or virtual attendance. To register, visit

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Girl standing on mountain with the sun rising, metabolic health day logo, date and website, October 10, 2023,

Why Celebrate Metabolic Health Day?

Girl standing on mountain with the sun rising, metabolic health day logo, date and website, October 10, 2023, metabolichealthday.lifeMetabolic Health Day – ever heard of it? No? That’s probably because, in a world filled with celebratory days like “donut day”, “margarita day”, and even “love your pizza day”, the most crucial one was missing. While we bask in the glory of these delightful days, if we neglect our metabolic health, the joys of all other celebrations may be short-lived.

After attending over 30 conferences in 2023, a clear pattern began to emerge. From diabetes and obesity to cardiovascular disease, mental illness, and even Alzheimer’s, there’s a common thread linking them: metabolic health. It’s astonishing how many of these diseases, including autism and cancer, are in fact,  metabolic in nature. However, many are unaware of this link.

A Day to Empower and Inform

So, why set aside a day specifically for metabolic health awareness?

The answer is straightforward: such a day didn’t exist! At the Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health (MTIH), we recognized this gap. Instead of waiting for someone else to fill it, our team decided to initiate the charge. Collaborating with our partners globally, we’re now on a mission to bring metabolic health to the forefront of public consciousness.

In developed countries like the United States, less than 7% of people are considered metabolically healthy. And while conventional medical standards give us a basic understanding of metabolic health through factors like waist-hip ratio, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels, the actual definition goes much deeper.

Redefining Metabolic Health

Metabolic health isn’t just about having blood sugar levels under 100 or triglycerides under 150. At MTIH, we set the bar higher, advocating for markers under 85 for fasting blood sugar, and triglyceride levels under 90–these are the values required to PREVENT metabolic disease, not just to walk a tightrope to a diagnosis.

But metabolic health isn’t only about numbers. It’s about how our bodies interact with the world around us – how we absorb and transmit information through light, sound, food, water, breath, and even the energies of those we come in contact with. Everything we consume or surround ourselves with can influence our metabolic health.

The essence of our metabolic function lies deep within our cells, in an organelle called the mitochondria. It’s a powerhouse that senses, transforms, and transmits energy and signaling pathways that are essential for our daily functioning.

Over time, poor nutrition, modern day lifestyle, toxins, genetic factors, and more can overwhelm our mitochondria, leading to various metabolic imbalances.

A Critical Shift – Turning Awareness Into Action

It’s time for a transformative change. Instead of solely treating the symptoms, we must dive deeper to understand the root causes of metabolic imbalances. By grasping the “why,” we are empowered to navigate the “how.” Addressing these foundational causes is pivotal in championing our metabolic health.

To assist in this critical shift from awareness to action, stay tuned to and the MTIH social media channels. With support from our global community of sponsors and partners, we will provide invaluable tips to guide and support your journey towards robust metabolic health.

On Metabolic Health Day, and every day thereafter, let’s prioritize understanding our bodies better and ensuring our metabolic health is in top shape. Because in doing so, we ensure the health and happiness of not just ourselves but also generations to come.

Dr. Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO

Executive Director and Co-Founder, Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health

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Discover Self-Love & Transform Your Health at Women’s Biohacking Conference

Discover the Secret to Self-Love and Transform Your Health with Dr. Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO, at the 2023 Women’s Biohacking Conference Sept. 14-16.

The Women’s Biohacking Conference is a FREE virtual conference where participants will discover cutting-edge biohacks and expert strategies designed specifically for ambitious women.

During the Conference, participants will:

  • Gain the tools to enhance your energy, focus, and productivity
  • Learn the science-backed techniques to overcome stress and improve resilience
  • Uncover personalized approaches to achieve hormonal balance and weight management
  • Network with like-minded individuals and create valuable connections

Registration is free and can be done online at

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Cancer/Revolution Summit promo photo with photos of speakers

Register for the CANCER/EVOLUTION Summit before Sept. 15 to get 50% Off

Cancer/Revolution Summit promo photo with photos of speakersJoin Dr. Nasha Winters and more than three dozen world leaders in metabolic, lifestyle, and nutritional integrative cancer therapies for a revolutionary, 6-day online summit Sep 21-26 — and if you register before Sep 15, you can use the code HALFPRICE to get 50% off your registration!

During the CANCER/EVOLUTION Summit, you’ll get a chance to:

  • Ask experts like Dr. Thomas Seyfied, Miriam Kalamian, Dr. Valter Longo, and Dr. Nasha Winters your questions on metabolic therapies during live Q&A panels;
  • Listen to presentations on emerging therapies and the latest data from case studies and trials; and
  • Connect with experts and peers to form lasting relationships.

All sessions will be available on demand within 24 hours to make sure you don’t miss a thing even if you can’t be online live.

Learn more at, and if you register before Sep 15, you can use the code HALFPRICE to get 50% off your registration.

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Datar Cancer Genetics Sponsors Metabolic Health Day

Datar Cancer Genetics, a global pioneer in oncology research and solutions, is honored to announce its Platinum Sponsorship for the debut International Metabolic Health Day on October 10, 2023. This groundbreaking event, steered by Dr. Nasha Winters and the Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health (MTIH), aims to unite metabolic health leaders globally and catalyze a seismic shift toward a healthier future.

A concerning statistic from a 2022 study underscores the urgency of the cause – just 6.8% of American adults are in optimal metabolic health. The consequences of this deficiency span a gamut of conditions, from diabetes and heart disease to Alzheimer’s and autism spectrum disorder. International Metabolic Health Day seeks to galvanize global support, encouraging individuals, communities, and organizations to rally behind innovative research, champion preventive healthcare strategies, and promote awareness of metabolic health’s paramount importance.

Dr. Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO, Executive Director and Co-Founder of MTIH, said, “Our alliance with Datar Cancer Genetics perfectly encapsulates the spirit of International Metabolic Health Day. Given their transformative research and groundbreaking solutions in oncology, Datar is a beacon in our shared vision. Together, we underscore that our metabolism is the very essence of our health and vitality. With it harmonized, we fortify ourselves against numerous diseases, achieving heightened immunity and longevity. Our joint endeavor with Datar paves the way for a future where individualized health solutions move beyond aspiration to everyday reality.”

Datar Cancer Genetics is a global leader in developing blood-based diagnostics that can detect cancer early, offer non-invasive investigations for better treatment options, and track the progression of the disease or its recurrence. With facilities in Europe, Asia, and the United States, Datar Cancer Genetics believes that through relentless research, bold initiatives, sustained commitment, and an unapologetic determination to succeed against cancer, innovations will continue to be made to help defeat the disease.

Dr. Keshia Tate, VP of Business Development for Naturopathic & Integrative Physicians at Datar Cancer Genetics, added, “Our association with International Metabolic Health Day is a testament to Datar Cancer Genetics’ unwavering commitment to transformative oncology research and cutting-edge health solutions. With each stride we take, we aim to provide revolutionary treatments, particularly for those who’ve faced multiple treatment setbacks. This event amplifies our dedication.”

Mark October 10, 2023, as a day of global unity and action in support of metabolic health. Join us to champion this cause, endorse groundbreaking research, and envision a health paradigm that places every individual’s well-being at its core. To learn more, visit

About Datar Cancer Genetics

Datar Cancer Genetics is a global oncology research and laboratory that is spearheading the development of non-invasive technologies for improved detection, treatment, and management of cancer. The Company serves cancer patients in over 35 countries across Europe, Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East. Datar Cancer Genetics operates pioneering cancer research facilities in the US, UK, and India. For more information, visit

About the Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health

The mission of the Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health (MTIH) is to restore health for people with cancer through Research, Education, Advocacy, Community, and Healing (REACH). Our mantra of “Test, Assess, Address™ – Never Guess” is the motivation for our drive to discover novel biomarkers to assess the success or failure of any medical treatment. We are committed to establishing an ecosystem that fosters translational scientific and clinical collaboration, drives cutting-edge metabolic research, leverages advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence, prioritizes education, and creates a supportive network of clinicians, diagnostic centers, treatment facilities, prevention programs, and wellness clinics. Together, we will shape a future where innovation, collaboration, and patient empowerment intersect to unlock unprecedented possibilities in healthcare. For more information, visit

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MTIH Advocates and Practitioners with Dr. Nasha Winters in Tuscany

Dr. Nasha’s Summer 2023 World Tour

There’s a time-honored saying, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” This summer, I’ve enthusiastically flipped through the chapters of my own global journey, traversing diverse landscapes, meeting fascinating individuals, and spreading the message of the Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health (MTIH).

This is what my summer has looked like, thus far:

  • PVR to LAX to LHR to ZUR, train to Bergun (Switzerland)
  • Van to Milan, train to Tuscany, van to the castle in the middle of nowhere (or as my friend, Doug says, Now Here) (Italy)
  • Van to Rome, FCO to ATH, ferry to Paros (Greece)
  • PAS to ATH to LTN (UK).
  • LHR to PMI. (Spain)
  • PMI to ORY. (France)
  • CDG to DFW to DRO (USA)
  • Drive to Tucson, AZ USA, drive to San Carlos, Sonora drive to Mazatlan, Sinaloa, and on to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nayarit– HOME! (Mexico)

Eight countries, under seven weeks, nine illuminating lectures; each destination presented an opportunity for exploration, connection, learning, and above all, a chance to change the world one moment at a time. Our world travel was truly a captivating book of experiences, and each destination and person that we encountered added a unique page to this extraordinary narrative.

Some of the highlights included: 
  • KetoLive with some of the best minds in metabolic health from around the globe, updates in research in the metabolic health space, and another sneak peek of Maggie and Brad’s documentary coming out this fall!
  • Tuscany retreat meet and greet with our EU and UK-based MTIH patient advocates and practitioners—being in the presence of like-minded, soulful, and passionate colleagues determined to change health outcomes for folks dealing with a cancer diagnosis.
  • A week-long strategy session on the island of Paros, Greece which has served as a source of inspiration, self-care, and motivation as well as focused attention for the expansion of our educational programs globally and coordination of strategic partnerships to spread the MTIH mission and vision.
  • Joining the massive IPM community in London presenting as well as hearing from health experts and thought leaders from around the globe.  Standing ovation for the closing keynote with Dr. Zach Bush and an intimate and inspirational dinner with Dr. Bush, Steve, Janet, and myself to discuss the future of MTIH
  • Having a moment to catch a breath and pause in Mallorca, Spain between 3 lectures in London to a final lecture in Paris after jam-packed weeks with no break while exploring potential future retreat sites for our MTIH community.
  • Spending time making beautiful connections and discussions sharing with our ICNM tribe and feeling excited to hear that metabolic health is the focus for all of the conferences, seemingly unrelated, just highlighting that MTIH is positioned to make the biggest contribution to changing the narrative in health care in general and cancer care in particular.
  • Landing back in Durango, back in the usual weekly workflow mingled with family, friends, and farewells as Steve and I continue to pull up more of our roots to make Mexico our full-time home.
  • Back to Mexico and woke up to this peace, calm, sunrise meditation — the stillness after the storm. 

Have you embarked on any adventures this summer? Join us on Facebook and Instagram to follow all things MTIH and keep tabs on my upcoming fall work/travel itinerary spanning the US, Canada, UK, Germany, and Maldives. Here’s to a promising rest of 2023. Continue to thrive!

Yours globally, Dr. Nasha

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