Dr. Nasha Winters on a floral background promoting the Dragonfly Live Event in Boulder, Colorado, Nov. 16-19. Website: www.dragonflyhealth.io

The call for women to unite is stronger than ever, and the moment has arrived. Join Dr. Nasha and 60 thought leaders at the forefront of the health revolution during Dragonfly LIVE in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, Nov. 16-19, 2023.

Don’t Miss It! 

Dragonfly LIVE transcends the ordinary conference; it’s a mindful, immersive, and transformative experience tailored exclusively for women.. 

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Exclusive Benefits

By joining Dr. Nasha’s inner circle, you will enjoy the following exclusive benefits:

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  • ✨Exclusive Katie Wells Conversation Stage live-stream option 

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More About Dragonfly LIVE
  • Experience an intimate journey with 60 industry trailblazers as they unveil groundbreaking research and fresh insights in the realm of health and wellness for the new Dragonfly Health channel on Gaia TV. 
  • Live Recording of Dragonfly enLightening Talks for Gaia TV: Challenge the status quo with short-format talks by esteemed authors, scientists, and experts. I’ll be taking the stage!
  • Conversation Stage with Wellness Mama, Katie Wells: Join Katie for a live recording of an exclusive Wellness Mama conversation series, shining a spotlight on female health leaders.
  • Interactive Exhibit Hall: Explore meticulously curated product demos from leading brands in health and wellness and experience the future of health first-hand.
  • Pre-Conference Mastermind Retreat: 2 days of deep-dive workshops and shared experiences with Dragonfly LIVE speakers and VIP guests (4-day Gold Pass required). 

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See You There!