Institute of Health

A planned non-profit integrative oncology research hospital that supports the Metabolic Approach to Cancer. The hospital will include modern therapies with well-vetted traditional and naturopathic therapies that address the root cause of the disease and the symptoms associated with the cancer process.
The Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health is building a welcoming and comfortable facility for individuals and families to receive whole self care and treatment. Each guest’s health journey is approached with individualized testing, assessment, self-care, and targeted treatment with the right dosing, timing, and therapeutic approach for each individual.

The Future Campus Community

  • The Institute of Health serves as the heart of a beautiful, nature dense space on 200+ acres in Arizona
  • Comfortable accommodations for short or long stays and even permanent residences for those who truly strive to thrive every day
  • Activities that support your mind, body and soul using a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Amenities and services to support a deeply nourishing retreat to reset and restore
  • Cutting edge green construction for all campus facilities and living spaces assuring a toxic free friendly environment
  • Healthy soil and regenerative farming practices to produce organic, nutrient rich foods for the Institute, community and the farm to table restaurant
  • Environmental and energy management best practices, conserving and even replenishing natural resources

What will make our Institute and Campus unique:

Employing a systems-based approach where research and translational medicine move elegantly from the bedside to the laboratory bench and then back again.

Research based evidence from patterns, correlations and outcomes, changing the standard of care for cancer treatment worldwide and stepping up prevention of diagnosis or recurrence.

Access to a uniquely procured collection of therapeutic experiences not found anywhere else.

Serious functional wellness built upon the same foundation of testing and assessment to devise an individualized plan to thrive.

Built in opportunities for participating and contributing unique gifts and abilities where guests and residents can engage more deeply than simply being recipients of treatment or services.