Changing The Standard TO Cancer Care And Prevention With A Highly Individualized Terrain Based Treatment Methodology

The Terrain Approach

Individualized testing, precise interpretation and therapies selected in the right order, dose and time for that patient; an approach that consistently achieves better patient outcomes.

Non-Profit Integrative Oncology Hospital & Wellness Destination

Creating a space that nourishes the whole, from the soil to the soul

  • All guests get a complete workup, analysis and plan to thrive on campus and at home
  • Best therapeutic options, from 28 years of searching worldwide, in one place
  • Systems-based approach, where research and translational medicine move elegantly from laboratory bench to bedside
  • Beautiful patient rooms, family suites or longer stay accommodations
  • A nature-dense campus to restore health in a deeply nourishing, and spiritually supportive environment
  • Fun and healthy campus services, activities and amenities in gorgeous spaces

Training & Education

Metabolic Approach To Cancer Programs and Network: Mastermind training and mentorship by Dr. Nasha Winters for practitioners and advocates. Graduates join a purposeful network for skill mastery, consulting, research projects and input on development across the MT Group.


Metabolic Terrain Omics Platform: A clinician dashboard for visualization of relevant information and a research platform powered by advanced analytics and machine learning to inform cancer treatment for practitioners and patients around the world.

Charitable Grants

Funding for Treatment: My Health Journey grants to support families with out of pocket costs often associated with integrative cancer therapies – making a metabolic approach accessible for all.


Institute Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health Research: Hospital, Research and Wellness are key to the campus. Evidence from patterns, correlations and outcomes, changing the standard of care for cancer treatment and stepping up prevention of diagnosis or recurrence worldwide.

Deb Lee, Co-founder Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health