Terrain Based Treatment Grants
At MTI we provide grants to patients using Terrain Based Treatment Certified Physicians and Practitioners. Our belief is that every cancer patient should have access to an integrative approach to their cancer treatment plan. Criteria: Patient must have a cancer diagnosis and seeing a Physician or specialist in the Metabolic Terrain Network. To apply for a grant, please ask your practitioner for an application.


A Future Vision for Integrative Oncology
Integrative medicine is an approach that combines all the best therapeutic tools and applies them based on each patient’s unique needs. At MTI we take an approach that evaluates the person’s constitution, their life history, their current spiritual challenges, their current diet and lifestyle, environmental factors in addition to their tumor type and lab results.


Envisioned to oversee a number of future research projects conducted both through our network of physicians and through the Institute of Health. Evidence from patterns, correlations and outcomes, changing the standard of care for cancer treatment and stepping up prevention of diagnosis or recurrence worldwide.