The future site of a non-profit integrative oncology research hospital that supports the Metabolic Approach to Cancer.
The hospital will include modern therapies with well vetted traditional and naturopathic therapies based that address the root cause of disease as well as addressing the symptoms associated with the cancer process. 
Examples of therapies to be provided:
        • IV Therapies
        • OLDU/ReDO
        • Metronomic & Chronobiology
        • Targeted Chemotherapy
        • Radiation paired with Hyperthermia
        • Hypothermia
        • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
        • Ozone therapy
        • Therapeutic Diet
        • Restricted feeding windows
        • Mistletoe/VAE
        • Ayurvedic Therapies
        • PEMF
        • Hydrotherapy
        • Cryotherapy