A word from Janet Ottersberg on her experience incorporating the metabolic approach into her own life.

My keto lifestyle journey has taught me persistence, bio-individuality, and the importance of having support on the journey. – Janet Ottersberg

I have been doing keto for many years now and have always struggled with getting into higher levels of ketosis. That led me to believe that keto was just not right for me but I continued to do it because I know all the benefits. I also know that my genetic makeup requires that I really work to prevent a metabolic disaster. When I got the results of my Nutrition Genome, it verified for me, “AHA! I am right! Keto is not right for me. I will never see the numbers I want. I will never get to my desired weight on or off keto.” I was definitely looking for an excuse to not continue to overcome the challenges. I have a strong belief built up around my body and the weight it wants to hold onto. On the other hand, I love the keto lifestyle and believe very strongly in the impact it has on health and well being. Despite all of this knowledge, I still had a voice in my head telling me, “but not for me.” I continued on my keto journey trying new variations of keto, products and different types of fasting. Still, I was not getting the numbers that I wanted to get. I coach other people on how to do the ketogenic diet every day. WHY CAN I NOT GET THE NUMBERS I WANT? This was becoming a real mind boggle for me, but I was not willing to give up. I believe in the science and I have seen the benefits. As they say, ”and yet she persists.“

One of the things that I decided I needed to implement more into my keto lifestyle is fasting. I had been doing intermittent fasting but was not doing longer fasting. So I started to add in longer fasts. I started with a 24 hour fast and then added in a 3 day fast. It was initially very frustrating doing these fasts with my brother and sister-in-law. I would see her ketones go up immediately and my numbers looked like I had been feasting the last 3 days. I went back to it again and again and noticed that my ketones were starting to get higher and my glucose lower. Movement was finally happening when I started to really focus on my individual needs and eat, exercise and sleep according to my genetic make-up. For all of us, this is key. If you are used to following a diet plan from Good Housekeeping magazine (does anybody remember that one?) that is a one size fits all approach, you are doing yourself a disservice.

I am very fortunate to be spending a few weeks with my family, and we committed to start the new year with a 5 day fast. It had been years since I had done a 5 day fast and I was a bit nervous. I know that whenever I fast with the support of people around me, it is so much easier. We started on a Monday setting intention for this fast and for the New Year. We checked in with each other often and provided encouragement and strength for each other. We tested our ketones and glucose. In the first few days, I was in that same discouraging place, as my ketones were 0.9 at day 3 and my glucose was 89. I wanted to give up but felt so good and strong in the process that I told myself this is not about numbers and that kept me going. By the last day, I decided I was ready to look at the numbers again reminding myself it doesn’t matter and that this is just for curiosity. Finally I had struck gold! For the first time ever, my ketones were 2.6 and my glucose 64. I wanted to cry. I was finally seeing the results of years of being persistent to this keto lifestyle. Not only were my numbers great, but I felt amazing and I could tell when I put on my favorite bathing suit that my body had changed dramatically. When reflecting back on the impact of this fast, I realized that my statement that I say to all my clients about everybody being different and responding differently, is so true and applies to me as well. I also realized that the support of people doing this process with you is key! 

I recommend that if you don’t have somebody in your life to share this journey with, reach out to your Metabolic Terrain Community and find a buddy to support you.