Terrain Based Treatment Grants – At MTIH we provide grants to patients using Terrain Based Treatment Certified Physicians and Practitioners.  

          • Our belief is that every cancer patient should have access to an integrative approach to their cancer treatment plan.
          • Criteria:
            • Patient must have a cancer diagnosis
            • Patient must be seeing a Physician or specialist in the Metabolic Terrain Network
          • To apply for a grant, please ask your practitioner for an application


Grants for the Terrain Advocate Program

As part of our mission to expand the global community of Metabolic Health practitioners, MTIH has funding for a limited number of grants to assist with the cost of tuition for the Terrain Advocate Program. Grant recipients and the amount applied toward tuition will be based on responses to the survey style application and determined by the grant committee within 14 days after the deadline of applications. If you are interested in being considered for a grant to assist with the cost of the program, complete the application by the last day of the application period.