At MTIH, our mission is to make the Metabolic Approach to Cancer accessible globally.  To do that, we need to educate clinicians and advocates, and we need to help patients access their services.  That is why we provide financial assistance for clinician and advocate education and for patient treatment.

Grants are awarded based on qualification and availability of funds.

Treatment Grants For Patients

Patient grants provide a lifeline to those who are actively working with a Terrain Network practitioner or advocate but may not have the financial resources to begin or continue treatment. Donate today to provide hope, healing and a brighter future to those who need it most!

We provide grants to patients who have a cancer diagnosis and who are working with Practitioners or Advocates who are a part of the Metabolic Terrain Network.

To find a Metabolic Terrain Network Practitioner or Advocate, click the link below. 

Education Grants for Practitioners

The Metabolic Approach to Cancer Practitioner Master Course offers insights into reversing chronic disease progression and addressing cancer symptoms through an integrative approach combining standard care, naturopathic medicine, and complementary therapies.

Help us educate more practitioners in The Metabolic Approach to Caner.

Education Grants for Advocates

The Terrain Advocate Program provides an in-depth look at the Metabolic Approach to Cancer and how to implement it for yourself and others. Learn about therapies, tools, and dietary & lifestyle changes and how to use them to support treatment plans provided by MATC practitioners.

Help us train more advocates to guide and support individuals on a cancering journey.