Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health


Changing The Standard TO Cancer Care And Prevention With A Highly Individualized Terrain Based Treatment Approach


Founded in 2020 Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health is a 501C3 Nonprofit



To ingrain the Terrain-based treatment methodology into cancer treatment and preventative care through practice, science, research, education, training, collaboration and funding.

Dr. Nasha, Inc. was founded by Dr. Nasha Winters, visionary, physician, author, teacher and mentor, and is the author of the Metabolic Approach to Cancer Physician Mastermind training program and the Terrain Advocate Program. Graduates from these programs form a network of ongoing support for the professionals and the patients they serve. Dr. Winters also continues with her education of the public through numerous speaking engagements.
The MTOmics team is building technology solutions to streamline use of the Metabolic Approach to Cancer treatment and prevention, the base of which is a comprehensive data lake that powers each user experience and creates new evidence supporting integrative methods.