Test, Assess, Address, Don't Guess

Understanding every patient’s Terrain and bio-individuality is critical to determining a patient’s treatment options. Our methodology is based on testing and assessing each patient and addressing their specific health issues that led to their cancer diagnosis.
The Steps Taken


Understanding Terrain and Bio-Individuality


Dr. Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO has been on a personal journey with cancer for the last 30 years. Her quest to save her own life has transformed into a mission to support others on a similar journey. From survivor to physician and from physician to mentor. Dr. Nasha is teaching physicians and practitioners how to treat cancer with an integrative approach that focuses on the patient and not the tumor. Now Dr. Nasha Winters is on a mission to build the first in patient, integrative facility, focusing on the Terrain based Metabolic approach to cancer treatment.





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Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health is building a welcoming and comfortable facility for individuals and families to receive whole self care and treatment. Each guest’s health journey is approached with individualized testing, assessment and targeted treatment with the right dosing, the right timing and therapeutic approach for each individual.

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Your donation will help a cancer patient on their journey to surviving and thriving. Help us empower those who are in need. If you have any inquiries or would like the opportunity to donate your time, please message us.

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This program is a 4-month intensive training program. It will be delivered on a user-friendly, interactive, curated platform. This program is designed to ingrain a methodology and improve clinical outcomes based on nearly three decades of vetted content as well as personal and professional experience leading to expertise in the field of metabolic, terrain-centric oncology care.