Girl standing on mountain with the sun rising, metabolic health day logo, date and website, October 10, 2023, metabolichealthday.lifeMetabolic Health Day – ever heard of it? No? That’s probably because, in a world filled with celebratory days like “donut day”, “margarita day”, and even “love your pizza day”, the most crucial one was missing. While we bask in the glory of these delightful days, if we neglect our metabolic health, the joys of all other celebrations may be short-lived.

After attending over 30 conferences in 2023, a clear pattern began to emerge. From diabetes and obesity to cardiovascular disease, mental illness, and even Alzheimer’s, there’s a common thread linking them: metabolic health. It’s astonishing how many of these diseases, including autism and cancer, are in fact,  metabolic in nature. However, many are unaware of this link.

A Day to Empower and Inform

So, why set aside a day specifically for metabolic health awareness?

The answer is straightforward: such a day didn’t exist! At the Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health (MTIH), we recognized this gap. Instead of waiting for someone else to fill it, our team decided to initiate the charge. Collaborating with our partners globally, we’re now on a mission to bring metabolic health to the forefront of public consciousness.

In developed countries like the United States, less than 7% of people are considered metabolically healthy. And while conventional medical standards give us a basic understanding of metabolic health through factors like waist-hip ratio, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels, the actual definition goes much deeper.

Redefining Metabolic Health

Metabolic health isn’t just about having blood sugar levels under 100 or triglycerides under 150. At MTIH, we set the bar higher, advocating for markers under 85 for fasting blood sugar, and triglyceride levels under 90–these are the values required to PREVENT metabolic disease, not just to walk a tightrope to a diagnosis.

But metabolic health isn’t only about numbers. It’s about how our bodies interact with the world around us – how we absorb and transmit information through light, sound, food, water, breath, and even the energies of those we come in contact with. Everything we consume or surround ourselves with can influence our metabolic health.

The essence of our metabolic function lies deep within our cells, in an organelle called the mitochondria. It’s a powerhouse that senses, transforms, and transmits energy and signaling pathways that are essential for our daily functioning.

Over time, poor nutrition, modern day lifestyle, toxins, genetic factors, and more can overwhelm our mitochondria, leading to various metabolic imbalances.

A Critical Shift – Turning Awareness Into Action

It’s time for a transformative change. Instead of solely treating the symptoms, we must dive deeper to understand the root causes of metabolic imbalances. By grasping the “why,” we are empowered to navigate the “how.” Addressing these foundational causes is pivotal in championing our metabolic health.

To assist in this critical shift from awareness to action, stay tuned to and the MTIH social media channels. With support from our global community of sponsors and partners, we will provide invaluable tips to guide and support your journey towards robust metabolic health.

On Metabolic Health Day, and every day thereafter, let’s prioritize understanding our bodies better and ensuring our metabolic health is in top shape. Because in doing so, we ensure the health and happiness of not just ourselves but also generations to come.

Dr. Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO

Executive Director and Co-Founder, Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health